About The B!TE Network

We are here to help amazing restaurants get great customers

Restaurants save and customers Save! 

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About us

Our company started back in 2018

The b!te Network is a locally developed mobile phone application and web ordering system that is custom branded to your cafe, restaurant or takeaway store. Online food ordering now accounts for an estimated 40% of total restaurant sales, revolutionizing the hospitality industry.


Our mission

Our mission is to help business owners save on their online orders through their own intuitive commission free platform, allowing their customers to avoid inflated prices across third party platforms. In doing so, we support business owners in developing their loyal online customer bases and take advantage of powerful customer insights.

How it works

Our simple, yet efficient Ordering System

Our ordering system is familiar and simple for customers, but extremely powerful under the hood, giving you more control.

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Order & Pay

Give your valued customers a good ordering experience by allowing them to order and pay through your Mobile App & Web Ordering System.

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Dine In

Give your customers the ability to be able to book a table or order Straight to the Table using our QR Code Ordering System.

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Pickup & Delivery

Allow customers to skip the queue by ordering Pick-Up in advance or have food Delivered directly to their door via your own in-store drivers or our integrated delivery partners Uber Eats & DoorDash